Fall Season 2016

The HSL Fall Season is done in swiss format. Swiss format ensures that teams will compete with other teams that have records similar to them.


In this bracket, 10 teams were seeded randomly against each other in Round 1. HSL seasons will have 8 rounds and a larger number of teams.


Swiss format will be done with a “best of 2” system. This allows for ties.


The standings after Round 1 are as shown in this image.


In round 2, all teams are playing a new opponent. Digital Chaos is playing Team Zephyr because they each have 3 points. Because there is an uneven amount of teams with 3 points, one of them gets placed against a team with the next closest total. Thus, Alliance will play against Complexity. Evil Geniuses and Team Empire both have 1 point, so they play each other in round 2. Escape also has 1 point, but there is again an uneven amount of teams with 1 point, so they get randomly placed against Ad Finem. Virtus Pro and Team Secret both have 0 points, so they will play against each other.

In HSL Fall Season 2016, there will be two groups. The top 4 seeds from each group at the end of the 8th round will be brought into a single elimination bracket to compete for seeding in a larger bracket during the summer, following the spring season. The spring season will be identical to the Fall Season.