Hello all current (and future) players!

We are proud to announce the arrival and major changes coming to the 2017 Spring Season.  Here is the rundown:

  • Registration is open 12/11-1/13
  • Season begins 1/20
  • Players on a team are no longer required to attend the same school.  The only requirement for players to take part in HSL is to be in a high school or equivalent education alternative (Home schooling, cyber school, private academy etc).  Despite not having all players from the same school, teams MUST represent a single high school.
  • We are transitioning all primary communication to Discord.  All coordinators are REQUIRED to join the Discord server and all players are suggested to join.
    • The main uses of the Discord will include but are not limited to:
      • Scrim Arrangements
      • Caster Arrangements
        • All casters will be contactable through Discord to arrange casts during the regular season.  The Cast Contact Form is still the most reliable way to arrange casts
      • Match Coordination
      • Team Finding
        • All players that do not have a team are encouraged to find other players in the same situation
  • Season will last 8 weeks with 2 groups
    • The Spring Season will follow the same Swiss Format as the Fall Season
      • 2 groups will be generated using the response on a team’s registration form regarding their preferred matchday, Saturday or Sunday. These groups will each have roughly a week to get in their matches for the round.
  • The top 5 teams of each group will move onto the 2017 Summer Playoffs
    • The top placing team from each group will secure a place in the upper bracket
    • The other 8 teams will be seeded to face each other in the lower bracket.
  • Homogeneous teams (all players from the same school) will be rewarded:
    • The 2 best placing homogeneous teams from each group will secure a slot in the upper bracket of the Summer Playoffs.


We thank all teams for their participation and hope for a fun and competitive Spring Season!