2016 Winter Playoff Announcement

The playoff stage of our 2016 Fall Group Stage is coming to a close with a close race for the top four spots of each group. The top four spots in each group will go on to play in a single elimination bracket between December 3rd to 18th.  The bracket will begin on the weekend of December 3rd , as the following rounds will occur during the subsequent weekends, with the final round, a best of 5 series, taking place on the weekend of December 17th.

Each series leading up to the best of 5 finals will be in a best of 3 format. The opening series of the playoffs will feature matches between teams of different groups with the highest seeded team from each group facing the lowest seeded teams of the opposing group.  Default game time will be dictated by the higher seed’s group in the Fall season.

All series played will be ticketed within the Dota client. While there is no physical or financial prize for the winter playoffs, we will be giving the top four teams a guaranteed spot in the Summer Finals which will have scholarship prizing. The Summer Finals will feature 16 teams, so do not worry if your team fails to qualify for the Summer Finals during the winter playoffs.